Although even the safest commercial safe seems to jump through the air with apparent ease in some crazy Hollywood movies, the truth is that few spaces are so safe to guard valuable assets.

If you are thinking about installing a safe in your business, have them present that there are many options with different levels of utility for you.

Types of safes

When it comes to differentiating the types of  commercial safe offered by the market, Safes according to their usefulness and how they meet specific needs.

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Types of Commercial safe according to needs and utility

The main types of  commercial safe are-

Desktop safe: It is the most common safe. It is characterized for being a functional box that facilitates a fast access to its content. It can be used to protect offices or homes, and is very common in hotel rooms. They differ by their mobility. However, it can be anchored to the wall or floor.

Recessed security box: It is the most usual (and the most famous in the cinema) and can be present in any type of business.

Its installation requires a small work to be embedded in the wall, so its use is discouraged in small places. It has the advantage that it is very difficult to remove it in one piece if the thief is not able to open it in situ. However, it is vulnerable to the Butron method.

Safe with socket: It is designed to be placed in height or inside a closet or drawer. It is recommended in small businesses and for the custody of important documents. Its great advantage is that it is the easiest to camouflage.

Fireproof Safe: Businesses with a higher risk of fire (restaurants, factories …) can opt for fire-resistant safety boxes. They also prevent high temperatures from reaching inside that could damage thestored stuffs.

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Types of Commercial safes according to their operation and level of security

If we consider the level of security and the way it works, safes are cataloged as:

 Conventional safe: They usually combine steel and concrete and have different opening systems. Keys, mechanical combinations and electronic keys are the most common security measures to protect the content. However, security boxes that make use of biometric passwords are already proliferating.

Camouflage or decorative safe: It usually has a lower level of protection in terms of its technical characteristics, but its discreet design means that, in many cases, it goes unnoticed by thieves. Perfect for small offices or offices.

What is the cheapest and most economical safe?

The desk and baseboard safes are the most affordable in the market. Although if we are looking for a balance between quality and price, the built-in safe is better.

Commercial Safe: connected to an alarm

In conclusion, if you are thinking about buying a safe , consider the needs of your business and what you want to protect. In spite of everything, a safe is not an infallible method. If the thief has enough time, he can open any kind of safe.