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Electronic waste has become one of the largest sources of waste materials in today’s world. Only China and the United States jointly produce one-third of all electronic waste every year. This eventually increases the need for a bin rental Toronto.

Mountains of broken smartphones, televisions, ovens, microwaves, monitors and computer keyboards and other similar discarded devices increasingly affect our environment.  We call it electronic waste or e-waste.

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If we make a dump with all the electrical and electronic devices that are discarded across the globe every year, this giant mountain would weigh 44.7 million tons. That is equivalent to nine times the great Pyramid of Cheops, Egypt. According to the experts, the problem is at just growing stage now. If it continues, until 2021, a total of 50 million tons of electronic waste will be produced.

If we observe the matter from an expert’s view, if we don’t use bin rental Toronto, the problem will keep on increasing. This will enhance the chance of exposing our environment to carcinogens and toxic gases that are produced from disposed of e-waste. It contaminates soil, water, and air.

In Latin America, 9% of all electronic waste in the world is produced,. If we talk about Brazil and Mexico, they are the primary producers of e-waste.

According to Greenpeace Argentina data (La Nación), in Argentina each inhabitant discards 3 kilograms of e-garbage every year that turns in to a total of 120,000 tons.

How to reduce your electronic garbage?

1. Make responsible electronic consumption.

Apart from using bin rental Toronto, you can put some extra efforts that can help you a lot with this. Buy only devices that fulfill your requirement  Also, learn to extend the life of the mobile battery from the manual that comes with the phone. There are clear guidelines that help to produce less electronic waste. In  the words of Rüdiger Kühr, co-author of the ‘Study of global electronic waste’, “Ecodesign, or improve the design of components in electronic and electrical appliances to make it easier recycling, collecting and reusing them would not only allow greater control of this type of waste but also recover many of them as useful resources. ”

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2. Recycle

When the washing machine or other electronic product stops working, and there is no possibility of fixing it, we must opt ​​for the recycling of electronic devices. You can exchange them and get a new. This will help to get a new device at a reduced cost along with decreasing the chance of producing e-garbage. You can also go to a clean point and get a bin rental Toronto service.

3.  Give a second electronic life.

Wondering if getting rid of your shabby old phone? Why don’t you offer it to your friends or family? I’m sure, most of the people would love to grab a smartphone for free even it as a label of used product. You can also opt for selling it out in the second-hand market or donate it to an NGO.

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Approximately 80% of the inhabitants of the city of Guiyu earn their livelihood by dismantling old electronic devices, especially mobile phones and computers.  They bring out the valuable pieces from the dump and sell them in the electronic waste black market at a lucrative price. However, its a fatal threat to our environment.

To deal with this problem, Baidu, the Chinese Google, has developed an innovation that could reduce the improper disposal of electronic waste in China.This is an ideal initiative that could be followed by other countries too. Also, opting out a bin rental Toronto service will help to control this serious problem.